Reiki Healing Treatments...

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique for your body and mind!

During a Reiki treatment, you’ll experience the healing energy of Reiki combined with crystal and stone therapy. This healing combination is extraordinarily effective for stress and anxiety. So, if you have had a rough couple of weeks, get a treatment!  The treatment space is relaxed and comfortable and a normal treatment session will run approximately an hour. (see more photos on the “About” page).

Reiki Healing Treatment Benefits...

Stress reduction. Deep Relaxation that triggers the bodies natural healing ability. Speeds recovery from surgery and reduces side effects. Reduces aches & pains assisting with pain management. Creates mental balance enhancing memory and clarity. Cleans and balances the emotions helping cope with everyday stress. Helps heal emotional wounds, alleviating mood swings, fear, frustration, & anger. Improving empathy and understanding. Provides relief to emotional distress and relieves depression. Raises a person’s vibrational level. Some healing and releasing you’ll notice immediately and others you will notice over the following week or so after your treatment. Pay close attention to your body and how you feel. Make notes for your follow up appointment. If you have any questions at any time, please ask them. You are most welcome to bring a friend! (Unfortunately there are no accommodations for small children).
All Services and Classes are held at “Spirit Oaks Healing Center” Sherwood, Arkansas
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